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Retail Shopfitting for third-party shops

Stefra is a company that has been operating in the sector of furniture for public and private places since 1998. In addition to the complete retail shopfitting (including the design, 3D rendering, production and assembly) for clothes shops, coffee shop, restaurants, pharmacies, perfumeries, optical stores and hotels, it offers a contract manufacturing service through which it provides its professionalism and expertise in the machining of wood acquired over the years to architecture firms, interior designers and other furniture manufacturers.

Quality and punctuality

Stefra guarantees furniture conforming to the highest quality standards for its customers, through its in-house carpentry department in which carpenters with a long experience in the sector work together with the support of the very latest numerical-control production systems to produce parts that meet the customer’s every need to perfection. In addition, the knowledge of materials, attention to detail and the techniques acquired over the years enable Stefra to work not only solid wood but also improved wood, laminate, multi-layer material, paste and wood agglomerate.

To offer an excellent contracting manufacturing service to third parties, the quality of the furniture is not enough on its own, the deadlines established by the customer in the preliminary phase of the project must be respected. Well aware of the importance of this aspect, Stefra not only ensures full respect of the deadlines but will also keep the customer informed of the progress of the work.

Who we have been chosen by

Stefra has produced furniture for the points of sale of end customers such as Gucci, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, TwinSet and Liviana Conti.


More informations?

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