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/Retail shop interior design
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The interior design of your retail space

Stefra takes care of every phase of the interior design of retail shops, structures and businesses of all types. From the restyling of an existing space to the creation of brand new premises, it offers a service that is consistent with the needs of the customer and interior design trends. Every project carried out is exclusive and unique, studied in every detail and embellished with the taste of expert designers and architects and constantly updated.

Retail shop interior design

3D render of the restructuring project of the interior of an optical shop

Designing the interiors of a retail space

The design and retail shop fitting always begins with a customer briefing and an inspection of the space. During this first working phase the two most important aspects of every project are compared: the needs of the customer and the technical characteristics of the premises.

The available budget, the size of the worksite, the existing systems, the artificial lighting, the flooring and the ceiling are analysed to obtain a snapshot of the desired result: the creation of a tidy, airy and functional workplace.
This is followed by the creation of the first sketches on paper and 3D interior design drawings, both essential for the creation of a faithful preview of the space and the final result. Stefra also creates the mockup of the project, a reduced-scale copy of the interiors of the new space.

This is followed by the definition of the spaces, the choice of materials, the layout of the systems and the best fitting solutions for the retail space, activities that require high levels of safety and whose budgets and timeframes are established in the initial briefing.

Thanks to the use of advanced interior design software, Stefra can show its customers every detail of the project. As well as being faithful to the physical project, the 3D renderings also make it possible to discover criticalities and opportunities before the work begins. The layout of the retail space is then defined with fitting and contract design solutions for both internal and external areas.

The customer can therefore evaluate every aspect of the project confident of the end result, the cost and the realisation times.

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