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Full Retail Project

Custom retail shopfittings

With its many years of experience in the field of the design, creation and installation of fittings for retail outlets and shops, Stefra has become the go-to company in Italy for businesses from all product sectors looking for a reliable partner for the creation of bespoke fittings for their stores.
The fitting solutions, designed ad hoc for every customer by our in-house designers or together with architecture studios, embody the company’s dual spirit: extreme functionality combined with modern and refined designs to organise the space of your point of sale in the most efficient way without forsaking the unique style of Stefra projects. We also offer the third party production service, through which we make the expertise we have acquired available to architecture and interior design studios.

Design is nothing without visual merchandising

One of the biggest clichés in this sector is that the beauty and design of fittings are the only criteria on which to judge the success of a project. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it has been proven that without an attentive preliminary study of various factors such as the definition of the target market, the product range and the purchasing behaviour of customers, even  the most stylish and functional fittings do not guarantee an increase in turnover, the primary goal of every business.
The analysis of these and other marketing factors forms the basis of visual merchandising, i.e. the series of operations that seeks to optimise product promotion in the point of sale through an expert communications strategy focused on displays, setting, lighting and much more besides.
Every retail shopfitting project carried out by Stefra is the fruit of an attentive assessment of all of these elements, the goal being to create a display area that is able to persuade your customers to buy and to deliver a significant return on investment.

Fittings for opticians, pharmacies, perfume shops, hotels and the food sector

Our team of graphic designers, architects, designers and craftsmen offers the know how acquired alongside dozens of businesses from all sectors that have come to Stefra for the creation of fittings or refurbishments. Our expertise enable us to design and produce the best fitting solutions for opticians, pharmacies, clothes stores, hotels, perfume shopsrestaurants, coffee shopsmuseums, cake shops.

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