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Full Turnkey Project

Turnkey retail shopfittings

The turnkey retail shopfitting formula is one of the most popular solutions among institutions, companies and associations which, by entrusting all fitting and interior design activities to the Stefra designers, can turn their attention to many others aspects of their business in total peace of mind.

Beginning with an undecorated space or a pre-existing business, Stefra transforms rooms into places of work, interaction and success. By listening to the needs of the customer and evaluating the available budgets, the size, the systems and the natural lighting in every area, the company is able to propose the best fitting solutions to transform a retail space into a functional and easy-to-recognise place. In short, to create an identity.

It is this identity that makes the difference, defining a space, creating expectations and putting people at ease, each time responding to the different needs of the public.

From the briefing to the development of retail shopfitting solutions

Turnkey retail shopfitting is the solution chosen by many coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, clothes stores and shop owners of all kinds that want to welcome their customers in an exclusive environment that is consistent with the commercial goals of their business.

Turnkey fittings means studying the space, speaking with the customers to understand their tastes and needs, measuring the perimeter and the areas, the electrical components, the lighting, defining a fair and economical budget, creating a faithful 3D rendering that shows every detail of the project, respecting development times and, finally, delivering a space ready for opening.
It means completing a fitting project from A to Z with the utmost professionalism and precision, with the taste of the designers, the architects and the professionals entrusted with the interior design of a retail space. This is what Stefra has been doing for many years. This is what its reputation is based on. Professionalism.

Turnkey service: not just fittings

Through the turnkey service Stefra will also take care of the design and performance of construction work, such as the renovation of the internal architecture, the fitting of new window and door frames, and the installation of light, gas and water systems.
Thanks to this formula, every aspect of the project will be organised on behalf of the customer, who will be kept constantly updated on the progress of the work.

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