Optical shopfitting in Francia

Stefra has dealt with creativity and professionalism in the design, creation and installation of furnishings for opticians in France . Strong multi-year experience in the industry, Stefra has succeeded in creating design solutions that can adapt better to the characteristics of the property (size, location, lighting) and which will attract the target customers of the store and increase sales.

Our projects in France:

Dayan Maison Lunette:

40, Rue du Général de Gaulle, Parigi, 95880

Elite Optique:

22, Rue de Caumartin, Parigi, 75009

Elite Optique Rue Cler:

33, Rue Cler, Parigi, 75007

Sarl Metge & Co.:

13, Rue Alsace Lorraine, Sète, 34200

Opticien Mrs. Francois et Christofe:

Miral Centre Commercial Cap 3000, Saint-Laurent-du-Var, 06700

Vogue Optique M.Charles Mosa:

5, Rue Alphonse Karr, Nizza, 06000


23, Rue du Poteau, Parigi, 75018

Thomas Opticien:

15, Rue Monge, Pris, 75005

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