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Full Coffee Shop Project

Innovative coffee shop fitting solutions

There are infinite ideas and approaches across the world when it comes to coffee shop fittings. It is all a question of colours, lights, spaces and, most of all, atmosphere. Usually people prefer one coffee shop over another for the emotional impact it has on them when they walk past it.
Something that many people often do not consider is the fact that the interior design is observed firstly from the outside. As such, it is also important to think how it is perceived from a distance and not only at close quarters.

Fitting a coffee shop is always an exciting experience as this type of business involves a constant flow of people entering and leaving the premises. The extent of this flow and, more importantly, the time that customers spend inside, represent initial key factors that already impact heavily on the method of interior design, on space management and on the choice of materials.

Fittings for coffee shops and restaurants: must-have’s

The equipment needed to fit out a public space, like a coffee shop or restaurant, is often the same; what changes and makes the difference, usually, is the chosen style.
There are restaurants with coffee shops or coffee shops that, over time, expand and become little restaurants, or other types that are somewhere in between, often called coffee shop-restaurants. In these cases, a contract design solution capable of meeting the needs of both types of business really does make the difference.

The furniture, seats, tables, partition walls, lighting and, most of all, the management of spaces, are the key visual components of a business: they determine the target group, the “tone” of the establishment, the level of focus on the services offered and, in some cases, also the transparency of the quality of the products and processing methods.

When everything is studied in every detail, the decor of a coffee shop can perfectly marry with that of a restaurant, or vice versa, and the end result is an exciting environment where customers can enjoy special moments at all times of day.

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