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Full Hotel Project

Hotel fitouts for unique spaces

The decor of a hotel is the first thing that grabs the attention. Of the many aspects that impact our choice of hotel, such as services, location and cost, interior design is always one of the most influential. In fact, during the booking process the photos of the hotel are crucial, not only to show what it looks like and how it is looked after and decorated, but most importantly to create a snapshot of the lifestyle that it wishes to promote and the facilities it offers tourists.

The goal of the Stefra hotel fitout service is to create a unique and instantly recognisable environment. The interior decor, the shapes, colours, lights and materials, the arrangement of the furniture and the furnishing accessories are the protagonists of the emotional impact that the images of each hotel have the task of generating.

Hotel fitouts: from the hall to the restaurant, the rooms to the swimming pool

Stefra develops fitout projects for hotels of all sizesfrom small family-run B&B’s to large luxury and super luxury hotels. Thanks to the expertise of our professional interior designers, every space in the hotel is instilled with character and in keeping with all of the other areas: the layout harmoniously extends from the rooms to the corridors, from the hall to the restaurant and so on, right through to the external areas like the swimming pool and the garden. The movement of the public within the establishment becomes an accommodation and design experience.

Interior design for every hotel

Scope for customisation: Stefra designs unique and original solutions to ensure that a hotel’s interior design is its most distinctive feature, setting it apart from the thousands of other hotels in the same area. Our designers listen to the needs of the customer, measure the spaces and analyse the key technical issues in order to come up with the best design concept and transform a hotel’s decor into one of its most distinctive features: elegant, classical, modern, wood, for every requirement there is always a creative solution that makes it possible to create unique and comfortable spaces that guests will fall in love with.

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