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Full Perfumery Project

Perfume shop fitting concepts

Every shop has its own distinctive fittings, light, empathy. Perfume shops, in particular, require a truly unique format, completely different from that of any other business.
In fact, perfume shop fittings demand maniacal attention to detailprecise lighting, elegant furniture and, most importantly, fashionable layouts.
Visual merchandising and the positioning of products are just a couple of the main areas in which Stefra stands out from its competitors. Whether it is a case of renovating a perfume shop, developing a new store or point of sale, or even just the supply of furniture accessories, our architects and engineers always develop design concepts in line with the real needs of the customer, market trends and the characteristics of the space.

Ad hoc fitting solutions for every perfume shop

Whether it be a little perfume shop located in a city centre or in a little space in a shopping mall, whether it is large or has lots of artificial light,  Stefra always creates impeccable spaces, taking full advantage of the available areas, budget and development times. The expert use of fitting materials, the search for distinctive elements, the design and the creative choice of counters, furniture, seats and display areas guarantee the creation of the best possible working space. A place where it is possible to lose and rediscover yourself, thanks to the elegance of the products, first and foremost, and the precision of the technical design at the basis of the entire fitting project.

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